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Our mission is to facilitate social, cultural and economic development at the community level.
Our mission is to promote sustainable economic development by engineering and regulating a vibrant co-operative sector in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Our mission is to provide persistently, effective programmes and efficient services aimed at advocating equity in family relations, fostering the Rights of the Child, persons with disabilities, the elderly and enhancing the socio-economic development of all family members.
Our mission is to ensure that all citizens of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have equal access to opportunities that will shape their social, cultural, spiritual, educational, economical and political development.


Hon. Orando Brewster

Permanent Secretary Nerissa Gittens-McMillan handed over medical supplies to Manager of the Central Medical Stores Steve Millington Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines February 27, 2018.

Permanent Secretary Nerissa Gittens-McMillan handing over medical supplies to Manager of the Central Medical Stores Steve Millington


The Ministry of National Mobilisation was the recipient of some medical supplies and non-perishable food items from a Canadian based organization named Hosanna Outreach Ministries, operating out of the Toronto Metropolitan area in Canada. Hosanna Outreach Ministries is a charitable organization that reaches out to communities and areas that has been affected by natural disasters or a request to assist is made. Evangelist Marva Ollivierre-Nanton is operations and coordinating personnel of the organization.

Some of the items being donated by the Organisation Hosanna Outreach Ministries

 On Tuesday February 27 th , a handing over of the medical supplies donated was done at the Central Medical Stores where the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of National Mobilisation et al. Mrs. Nerissa Gittens-McMillan presented to the Manager of the Central Medical Stores Mr. Steve Millington a quantity of medical supplies and assistive devices donated by the Hosanna Outreach Ministries. Upon receiving the donation, Mr. Millington thanked the organization for its contribution to the Medical stores and indicated that the donation would be put to use in the various medical facilities as per fitting the items. Among the items were gel packs, diapers, a hip protector and compression gloves just to list a few.

The box of donated medical supplies

 The Ministry of National Mobilisation thanked the Organisation for its non-perishable food items donated and express its gratitude on behalf of the boys at the Liberty Lodge Boys Training Centre.

SOURCE: Ministry of National Mobilization, Social Development, Family, Gender Affairs, Persons with Disability and Youth

Family Services Division

We Facilitate and identify alternative homes for abused children and the elderly.  Liaise with child care agencies, regional and International. Prepare social inquiry report for the Court and relevant international agencies.

Our Division is located in Pauls Avenue in the Co-operative Credit Union League Building. Find out more on what we offer

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The Ministry of National Mobilisation, Social Development, Local Government, Gender Affairs, Family Affairs, Housing and Informal Settlement

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